Sewer Repair & Installation

Whether it’s repairing old service lines or installing new, we have the experience and skill to handle all of your sewer installation needs. We are well versed in conventional methods as well as technologically advanced methods of sewer line repair, such as relining and pipe bursting.

SEWER PIPE RELINING:  Commonly referred to as “No Dig” sewer pipe repair, this method involves relining sewer pipe with a seamless, flexible, PVC infused liner.  The liner effectively seals all leaks, cracks, and voids to create a watertight, smooth, solid new pipe that’s highly resistant to future root intrusion, a leading cause of failed sewer lines.

SEWER PIPE BURSTING:  A cable is run through the entire length of sewer line and attached to a cone shaped tool called a bursting head. The bursting head is then connected to a new length of sewer pipe. Using a power hydraulic winch, the bursting head is pulled through the old pipe, breaking the line while pulling the new pipe in behind it. Sewer pipe bursting can easily be performed on a standard 3”- 6” diameter residential sewer line and can also be used on larger commercial sewer lines up to 56” in a diameter.